'Evil' Andy and Website Templates

David te Kloese

Andy profile We all know Andy (Andrew Jones) the default CMS Editor you can find in default Kentico sites. Just like Administrator by default it has no password. This is easy for development but on your production servers this is lets say 'less desirable'. In this post I'd like to show what you could do with default website configurations and how to alter them.

So you start building your a new site in Kentico and just before you go live you make sure you've checked your final go-live-checklist. Are all settings correct, cache, tasks execution times, etc.

We also always check if all registered are needed (no test users) and if they all have a password. So far so good. But what if you create a second site in the same instance a few months later? I tend to use the Create new Site Wizzard and use the "Blank Site" template. Its wise to assign most objects to the imported site because it also contains some useful objects you often want to use:

  • the default roles
    • CMS Editors
    • CMS Desk Administrators
    • ...
  • Scheduled tasks
    • Content publishing
    • Users delete non activated user
    • ...
  • Page (Document) types.
    • Blog
    • Folder
    • Page (menu item)
    • ...

Some you might not use but the fact you have them might trigger the developers to think about it during development. One objecttype I always forget is the Users...

The one thing I now always deselect is the user Andrew Jones. Although it looks a like a 'nobody' this user when imported is by default a CMS Editor without a password.

Kentico Settings of Andy

For me its the User, but for you it might be an other object in the import. You could train yourself in selecting and deselecting these objects, but you could also create a permanent fix.

Create a new template

The package Kentico uses for the new site wizards are based on a default Kentico Export package, so you could also create your own template and use it to create new sites.

Create a new Webtemplate in Kentico

The default templates are located in the "~\App_Data\Templates\" folder.

 Adjusting the BlankSite template (file edit)

Since most sites differ a lot you'll most likely only need the basics, which looks a lot like the BlankSite template. Since the export packages is just a .zip file with .xml files in it you could alter the existing one.

So let's say in my instance I'd like to just quickly make sure Andy is gone forever!

I'd open the file located in:


cms_userxml.export file of Andy

It's now quite easy to changes the default values. Enter a password, change the Username, set UserIsEditor to false or remove the whole user! Also check the few settings linked to this user based on the UserID lower in this file. Save the file and update the zip (might be locked by your IIS process).

Now when you use this Webtemplate Andy will not be imported by default anymore. You can tweek this (or any other template) as you wish. If you need to make multiple changes or additions it might be wiser to create your own new Webtemplate.