Why not use Campaigns

David te Kloese

In Kentico 9 you'll find the brand new Campaigns module. Aimed at providing you everything you'll need to manage your campaigns directly from within Kentico. In this post I will show you how easy you can setup a Campaign and how quick it could give you new insights.

For my last blog about the usage of HEAD elements in Kentico I wanted to try out some of the new Integrated Campaign Management features. Every time I'd wrote a new blog I'd write a few tweets on Twitter or updates for LinkedIn. Except for the number of retweets/likes I wasn't quite sure how these channels helped me getting people to read my posts.


So I created a brand new Campaign. Which doesn't require 5 years of Marketing Experience or even a Developer. (Note: don't fire all your marketeers yet, they will probably come in handy for other tasks and the more advanced campaign scenarios.)

Setup a campaign

The Display name and Description are only visible in Kentico so use to give you the best and quickest overview. The UTM campaign is used in the links you'll create later on, so remember that this will be visible to end users!

Secondly I included an existing page for the Campaign content; which was my blog post page itself.

configure campaign content page

The conversion name will be visible in your reports. The default text was good enough for me. Since I had only 1 page and no other conversions in this campaign I didn't adjust the Conversion value. In case the target of my campaign was to see how many people sign-up to a newsletter I would give the sign-up result more value.

When you've configured everything correctly you're ready to press the "Launch Campaign" button. Remember you can't add more pages or new emails after you've launched the campaign!

UTM links

Since I wanted to measure people clicking my links I now have to generate these Content links with UTM parameters.

configure campaign UTM links

You are able to create these links even after you've launched a Campaign. The Source is the most important one as it will show up in your reports.

So create a few links, post them on different places... sit back and watch the magic happen!


I've made 2 tweets (the second one as a reminder one week after the original post). Placed a number of updates on my own LinkedIn and in some of the Kentico Groups I'm a member of. The current report shows me the following results:
Campaign reports results

So I kept a close eye on what was happening in my Campaign. I found out that Twitter got me quick and a lot of responses, but only on the first Tweet. Eventually LinkedIn gave me much more traffic.

Whats in it for you...

As you can see its quite easy to create a Campaign and use its power. Wait till you've got the hang of it and let it truly integrate with emails and multiple pages.

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