Kentico Roadshow May 2017 Amsterdam

David te Kloese

Koepelkerk AmsterdamThe seventh and final episode of the first series in the new Kentico Roadshow. I was attending the edition in Amsterdam. It was hosted at the Koepelkerk and was one of the most amazing locations I've ever had conferences at. Here are some details and takeaways from this event.


To get more people to the Kentico events they decided to host these Roadshows which are

  • more frequent, currently planned twice a year
  • more local, this version had a total of 7 locations in Australia, the US and Europe
  • just one day (short absence of you precious time from the pile of work)
  • free (no need to explain this one I guess)

But although it just being one day it still consist of two tracks (business/marketing and one for developers). They included partner cases, technical sessions and keynotes.

What I liked most:

Social aspect

As most Kentico events I really like the fact you get to meet the people behind the product as well as other partners. Kentico employees are open and genuinely happy to talk to you. They are interested and will answer all your questions. It's also great to talk to other partners about there struggles, concerns and solutions.


Slido Q&A

At the end of all sessions there was time for some interaction with the audience. Usually these are pretty hard to follow. Questions are not repeated by the speaker or questions get repeatedly asked. Kentico decided to use the platform and give the link at the start of the presentation. This platform allowed everyone to ask their question during the session but also vote for other questions. This way a clean, clear and honest way for the sessions. I found the Q&A sessions the most valuable part for most presentations.


Kentico Cloud the "new" product of Kentico. Had of course big presence in this event. Kentico explained the thoughts behind the product and its vision for the future. Started in 2015 with just an app for your content production it's now a Cloud-first CMS. With weekly updates containing new features. It now consists of

  • Asset Management
  • support for multiple languages (comming soon)
  • Modular content
  • Webhooks (comming soon)
  • Dynamic segmentation
  • Content type inheritance
  • increasing Developer productivity

Focus for the second half of 2017 are to make it a Cloud first DXP (Dynamic Experience Platform). Containing
  • Smart personalization
  • Content recommendation
  • increased productivity and usability

Best for last

Because this was the last in the Roadshow series we got a presentation quickly going through (all/a lot of) Case studies from the other events. Although not presented by the particular partner you got to see the red line of all these presentations. Interesting points where to me the fact the all sort of had the same conclusions
  • Setup was easy and quick to work with
  • planning compared to a normal project was shortened
  • the switch in mindset for the technical approach was the biggest hurdle

Kentico Cloud has a free version (allowing you 50.000 API calls) to try out for personal or smaller projects, so give it a go at

TIP: use the Kentico Cloud boilerplate project to give you a headstart. More info in this blog by Bryan Soltis:

Kentico 10 EMS

Don't forget about the Kentico EMS. Kentico will continue it's support and development as some projects and clients are just more suited for this type of product.

Planned releases
  • Kentico 11 - November 2017
  • Kentico 12 - November 2018

Kentico 11 Beta: you can register and try the new Beta yourself.

Technical session by Petr Švihlík had some key pointers to get high performance with the Online Marketing features
  • looking at the performance Kentico 10 EMS is suitable for most clients
    • Kentico 10 is tested with 100 million contacts and 1 billion activities. See Kentico MVP Brian McKeiver's blog for more details
    • Using config key CMSCreateContactActionsLogWorker you can dedicate specific server(s) specifically for on-line marketing tasks.
  • Follow the best practices when setting up environment(s) on devnet
  • Disable unused features
    • you can Add or removing components using the Kentico installer
    • make sure to disable unused scheduled tasks
    • check the settings to disable unused features
  • Consider implementing custom solutions for special requirements. For instance
    • a custom SMTP-provider
    • Custom indexes


And the end of the day we even got more fun at the local kart tracks. There where 2 missions:
  1. Don't drive Petr Palas off the tracks (first time he drove a kart)
  2. Win the race

In that order!

While the event itself is meant for fun and socializing it shows the type of company Kentico is when even the CEO participates.