How to find a page with page alias quick tip

David te Kloese

We've all been there: a live page with an adjusted alias (path) that you just can't seem to find in the admin interface. Here a quick tip to get the current page opened in the admin interface.

So you find an error or something that needs changing. You don't recognize the page or see any navigation or bread crumb to help you determine where the page is located. It will just have to do using the URL and/or page title right.

Live site - example page with error

You logon to the administration interface and navigate to the Pages Application. To end up having no clue where to find this page. Sometimes with a few tries you'll hit the right spot. Quite as often you end up feeling lost in your own system. If even search gives no results you just give up.

Pages Application - content tree

The developer in you has some ideas. Could output the Node details on each page or enable debugging. But if its a site in production it might be safer to just try some searching directly in the database. You'll be looking in either the CMS_Document (use View_CMS_Tree_Joined for a joined version with the CMS_Tree) or the CMS_DocumentAlias table. This hopefully gives you a NodeID which you can use to find the correct path.

Microsoft SQL Server management Studio - Query view tree joined and alias table

But what if you can't find anything? The page could be caught as a wildcard alias. Or you simply don't have direct access to the database!

Kentico has an out of the box solution!

  • First make sure you're logged on
  • Check the Settings Application to make sure On-site editing is enabled

Settings Application - enable On-Site editing
  • Navigate to the error page on your live site in the same browser (don't log out)
  • If asked close the 'preview mode' by clicking the bar on top of your screen
  • Click the Edit page button

Live Site - On-Site editing
  • On the menu bar that now appears you can find the Admin button. If you click it you'll navigate to the Kentico Administration interface.

Live Site - On-Site editing

And now you're at the correct page!

Pages Application - page selected

I hope this saves you some time so you can continue doing useful things!