Did you know #2 - Hotfix new installation

David te Kloese

Part two of the handy features and functions to help you get things done. In this part I'll talk about hotfixing your installer files.

So you've downloaded a brand new Kentico 10 (or any other) version. Start working and after a while you apply a Hotfix to your installation. When a new project comes up you download a new installer and create a new project. But it's still Kentico 10.0.0. Hotfixes aren't included in the main installation executables.

But there is a way to patch it yourself! During the installation of a Hotfix you can instruct it to also update the setup files.


hotfix setup

When running the Kentico Hotfix Utility you'll get to the Changes confirmation screen. Although grayed out and just a few items this is the import screen!

The installer doesn't give any detailed information but if you look into the documentation you'll find the following:

Select which components you want to update. Click Switch to advanced mode if you wish to change the settings. We recommend updating all components.
  • Kentico files – the files of your web project
  • Setup files – the Kentico installer and external utilities (which are separate from the web project)
  • SQL script – the database structure and data

So although recommended the setup files is disabled by default. Enabling this will make sure all future installations have this hotfix version to begin with.

Advanced expert (?) tip: Just want to update your setup but not your project? If you only select Setup files and deselecting Kentico files en SQL script, it will update only your setup and leave the website alone.

If you want a quick overview of your installations and it's version you can register all you projects in the Kentico Installation Manager. This will give you a quick overview of all major and Hotfix versions. Also the ability to upgrade and/or Hotfix.

KIM version overview

Unfortunately the Kentico Installer doesn't show which Hotfix version it has. Just the Major version. The  only way I found out to get to which Hotfix version it is patched to was by looking at the product version property of the DLL's in the installer directory. Probably found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kentico\10.0\Bin\CMS":

Hotfix version of CMS DLL's


Note: check the latest Hoftix details to see what major area's are touched by this Hotfix.
hotfix details

Note 2: Always create a backup (DB & files) when doing a Hotfix.
Note 3: did I mention to create backups!!