Kentico 12 - Smart Form fields

David te Kloese

Another new feature in the latest version of Kentico are the so called 'Smart Forms'. In this post a quick view on how to use and configure them.

Note: This post describes features available in the unfinished version of Kentico 12 as part of Beta release. all features are subject to change and are in no way guaranteed to be in the final version.

Smart Forms are regular Forms whit the addition of one ore more fields which you indicate as being smart. Not that complicated right!? You enable them literally with the push of a button:

So what do they do

Forms containing these 'smart fields' allow you to collect more data in the same form. When users see the form for the first time, just a subset of fields is displayed. The smart fields will be shown the next time the same form is displayed. They will replace the initial set. This way you can collect the data in one form but ask for a few fields every time.

Based on the number of non-smart fields the number of fields shown are grouped for displaying. So when you have 2 default fields, and 4 smart fields. The complete form can be completed in 3 different visits.

How does it work

The data will end op in 1 single row of the Form. To accommodate this the 'Current Contact GUID' is stored with the record and tracked in the live site by the CurrentContact cookie. Secondly the date and time in the 'Form inserted' and 'Form updated' are now more likely to differ.

How about the other Forms features

Smart Forms do play nice with the usual Forms features you're used to. Like email notification, redirecting when completed or visibility settings on different Form fields. However things might get complicated when using Smart fields together with visibility setting. And there is currently no logic or setting (yet) for the email notification to only send out a message when all fields are entered. (If it's not in the final version suggest it here => Another note is that you can't have a required Smart Field, as it's not visible in the initial Form load.

Let me play

Can't wait for the Kentico 12 release and also want to try out the Kentico 12 beta 3? Although not publicly available you can email [email protected] to request your own copy.